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One Punch Man Season 2 Update: Fans Worry Ahead Of The Future Of The Show

One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man Season 2 was announced back in August, and fans have barely been able to contain their excitement since then. We’ve waited so long for this, and we’ve been through so much, so One Punch Man Season 2 is definitely going to be worth it, right? It’s going to be like nothing ever before, right? Not quite. Everyone knows that One Punch Man Season 1 was incredible, and was adapted extremely well.

It was handled by a staff that was chosen very carefully and one of the key people who stood out there was Chikashi Kubota. For those of you who don’t know, Kubota was the Chief Animation Supervisor and Character Designer for One Punch Man Season 1, and him supervising everything was part of a reason why One Punch Man was animated so perfectly.

By now, you’ve probably guessed that Chikashi Kubota is not going to be there for One Punch Man Season 2 as a Chief Animation Supervisor. We don’t know who will take over the role of CAD, but it definitely doesn’t look good. The character designs look very off when compared to Season 1, and of course, you shouldn’t expect season 2 to be the animation marvel that was One Punch Man Season 1.

By the looks of it, Chikashi Kubota has been very uninvolved with the project. When he was asked about the design changes, he said, If you want to know how uninvolved Kubota is, “Hmm, in the PV? I wonder if the change of studio is noticed on screen…”

Well, it most certainly is noticeable on screen. Along with the change in CAD, we have also had this off-setting composite for Season 2, which just looks weird, to be honest. Kubota may be Animation Director on the first few episodes, but we’re not even sure of that. I’m pretty sure that the replacement for Kubota will be announced soon, but from the trailer, it was clear that Season 2 is not going to be anywhere close to Season 1. If you haven’t checked out the trailer already, you can do so below:

One Punch Man Season 2 comes out in April 2019.


One Punch Man manga has enough material for a third season. However, there’s no information on if there will be a third season or not. If One Punch Man season 2 does well with the audience, we can expect the third season to come out in 2020.