Vaydor G35: Price, Interior, And Specifications

Vaydor G35 specifications

Vaydor is a supercar which the critics love as well as the buyers. This is a car that can be built under two months at the cost of less than $40,000. This car tells the story of an underdog who loved cars and wished to own a supercar. That guy’s name is Matt McEntegart, but one thing held him back which was obviously money. He didn’t go to design school as other people did. Instead, he learned as he wanted. He had one goal which was to build a car that looked like a factory produced supercar which the person could build in his/her garage.

This story itself is so amazing that one could make a short film on it. It shows us that a dream can be achieved when a person works hard on it. One of the reasons why this car is affordable is because it uses an Infiniti G35 as the donor car. This kit is compatible with 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 coupes and the designer describes it as “re-body fiberglass kit.”

Moreover, the Vaydor website says that 90% of the part that is needed to build Vaydor G35 is from the original Infiniti G35 and the rest of the parts that are required are included in the kit.

Vaydor G35 Price
Vaydor G35 Interior

You might say what is available in this Kit?

Well, the following are the parts that you will get in this kit:-

• 1 Rear Hood Inner
• 1 Gas Filler Bucket
• 2 Side Roof Rails
• 2 Lower Rocker Splitter
• 2 After-Door Vents
• 2 Fender Vents
• 1 Hood Inner
• 1 Roof Wing Cover
• 1 Roof Wing Inner
• 1 Rear Hood Skin
• 3 Rear Exit Vents (Tail Light Area)
• 1 Rear Floating Wing
• 1 Front Lower Splitter
• 2 Rear Fender Wells
• 1 Front Core Support
• 2-Quarter Glasses
• 1 Cowl/ Lower Windshield Cover
• 1 Main Rear Body Shell
• 1 Front Clip (Fenders and Bumper)
• 2 Door Outers,
• 2 Door Inners,
• 2 Inside Door Braces
• 1 Hood Skin
• 1-Rear Glass
• 1-Center Tail Light
• 1 Full 8-Point Roll Cage
• 2 DOT Headlights

All this sounds awesome, but you might think its price will be very high. Well, you are wrong because the designer, Matt McEntegart said that he wanted to build an affordable kit car. He was true to his word, and the Kit costs only $11,000!. In the end, you will have a supercar which looks like a million dollars car.

Moreover, it only takes two months to build which is mind-blowing. But if you want to make this car on your own, you need to have some cutting and welding experience. If you don’t want to build it yourself, then don’t worry because many custom car builders will offer assistance for a flat fee and they will even provide the donor car basic prices start at $75,000.