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Conan Unconquered Unveils 20 Minutes of Co-op Footage In A Clip

The first strategy game in the world of “Conan: The Barbarian” is Conan Unconquered. The developer of the game, Petroglyph released a clip of gameplay, showcasing its upcoming real-time strategy. The clip is titled “Conan Unconquered, ” and it shows 20 minutes of pure co-op footage.

This clip shows a full-featured co-op mode, where players are seen working together towards building their bases, to push back invading forces. The 20- minute long clip from Conan Unconquered lets players see t play in action as Petroglyph designer Renato Orellana and Funcom community manager Jens Erik Vaaler collab to defeat their enemies. But wait, before you think it’s about two players, no.

There’s a single player campaign too; this is where you as a player will face enemies in separate waves of enemies. They will continue to grow in numbers as well as in the level of difficulty. The Core gameplay that surrounds building strongholds shoes how the oncoming waves of enemies can’t take down, so they employ other defensive measures.

Conan Unconquered 20-minute clip plays out in real-time, so you can pause it for players to issue commands. This is your time to begin the construction of new buildings that house spearmen, scorpions, necromancers amongst other things. Funcom has assured us of “bloody battles” in Conan Unconquered. You may pre-order your game on PC with aof May 30.