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Dual Universe: update, Trailer & All Updates We Have So Far

Dual Universe
Dual Universe Still

Dual Universe is a space stimulation multiplayer online game. The game adopts sandbox game design where the players are provided ultimate access to control and change the environment based on creativity. Game is developed by the Paris based game development studio, Novaquark.

It’s said that the game inherits game methods from various games. Eve Online, Star Citizen, Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, and Space Engineers is the game from which the elements combined to create Dual Universe. The game heavily focuses on the collective social gameplay involving exploration, mining minerals, crafting products, trade economics, politics along with warfare strategy.

The development has adapted a Server technology for easy multiplayer access between two players. It reduces the time delay and increases the processing speed of the game. The development progress of the game started in 2016 by creating a website for the players to create organization. The development has been continuously working to enhance client-server stability.

Dual Universe

Dual Universe Still

When Is Dual Universe update?

Dual Universe will be released on October 24, 2020. It’s expected that the major development progress of the game is completed. Earlier its was planned to launch the alpha version of the game after the idea was suspended to release the full version of the game. Fans are already excited to experience the space simulation game in various gaming console. Many rumors and speculation started revolving around the social media regarding the gameplay and update.

Dual Universe Gameplay

Gameplay follows with the backstory that takes place in 2027. It starts with the discovery of neutron stars on the collision course of earth solar System. Space scientist has been working on the plan for 498 years to leave the Earth and find new planets to inhabit. Ark ships are built to carry massive objects and transporting the men and material.

First Ark ships began to flee the earth heading towards different parts of the galaxy. Soon after the Ark ships reach their final destination neutron star discovered in 2027 destroys the entire Earth’s solar system.

Dual Universe Updates

The game follows a “single continuous, undivided universe” environment and is played by the first person version. The game has been built using advanced technologies like CSSC (Continuous Single-Shard Cluster) technology for the enhanced gaming experience. Players from different part of the universe are enabled to interact in a single world.

Dual Universe

Dual Universe Still

The entertainment industry in the 21st century has developed to the major extent using evolving computer technologies. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have acquired a prominent position in the development of next-generation future games. It has become mandatory for any game development company for regular updates based on the user’s feedback.

Gameplay involves access to remove/ add materials to the landscape to harvest raw mineral resources. It also focuses on the exploration part where the players are allowed to search of the mineral and other natural resources suitable for living, mining of raw materials, trade to increase the economy, crafting new products, practicing politics and warfare.

Players are given access to create objects and choose the environment based on their choice and creativity. Each and every object of the game can be customized starting from creating weapons to large structures. Players are allowed to construct the space station which can be further extended as a part of the planet.


Yes, we have a trailer for the upcoming game. The development has recently launched the trailer to enrich the fan’s expectations.