Steins Gate – The Greatest Time Travel Show Ever?

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A group of scientists, living in a rented room work together at a lab trying to invent unique gadgets. Okabe lives with Mayuri and Hashida and the three pass their time trying to find new technologies. They are working on a Phone Microwave that would be used to turn bananas into a green gel. Sounds very basic until Okabe realizes that the Phone Microwave Device is doing something else. As they tinker with this device, the group realizes that this Phone Microwave is actually sending emails to the past altering how things happen in the present. The group was essentially tinkering with the flow of time itself.


‛Time travel’ theme in anime is not that popular, as it comes to the plot, even if the theme and other things are good something is always missing in anime, as the plot suggests time travel, time travel is very complicated itself as it is a kind of supernatural thing, the plot has very fantasy things.

Steins;Gate is a very different time travel anime set in a normal world and has everything on point. We’re gonna discuss the main things about the anime that made the show perfect. The main thing that makes this show so good is that (you’ll get goosebumps till the end), the story is set in 2009, pretty old, huh? The plot made so much impact that we just forgot that it’s too early to get a time machine or time travel.

But the whole theme is simple to understand like, for example, the main thing about this show “time machine” is a microwave, think about it for some time, when we think of a time machine it’s something like a very sci-fi thing compared to the simple microwave time machine that we got in the show.

Character development and the character design are things that we can see as nearly perfect jobs by the director and the production. The anime already has a mark on the anime community; the anime is not for everyone; if you are into shounen kind of shows, the first 11 to 12 episodes will maybe be a little boring for you, and I don’t recommend this anime if you have just started watching anime.

Categorized as Review

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