MasterChef Australia Season 11 Episode 50: ‘Mystery Box Challenge And Invention Test’ Streaming And Spoilers

Finally, Sunday is around, and another MasterChef Australia episode coming out. In the last episode, we saw the elimination challenge where Derek, Tim, Tessa, and Simon competing to stay in the competition.

It was a Time Auction challenge, where all the players had to bid their time to get ingredients. That time was supposed to deduct from their cooking time. We saw Tim having the highest 90 minutes time, followed by Derek, who had 80 minutes, and Simon had 75 minutes, while Tessa had the lowest 55 minutes of cooking time. However, Derek’s duck egg could not save him, as he had to leave the kitchen once and for all.

The show is now 49 episodes deep into its eleventh season, and the 50th episode is projected to release this Sunday. The 50th episode of Love Island season 11 is scheduled to release on 7 July 2019. The show is broadcasted on Ten channel in Australia, at 7.30 PM AEST from Sunday to Thursday.

The show is available on Dailymotion too, where viewers can stream the show in the other parts of the world as well. Many US viewers were frustrated with MasterChef US, and they love to watch Australian show.

The next episode will be a Mystery Box challenge, and Invention Test, where the contestants will be going to Western Australia. All the remaining contestants will show their cooking skills with Western Australia’s special ingredients!

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