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Deca-Dence Episode 2 Preview, and Spoilers


Ninety percent of the world population was lost in the battle with the Gadol, to resist these mysterious creatures the remaining human pooled their wisdom. The wisdom to build an enormous mobile fortress called Decadence. Decadence became the human last bastion and new hope. Natsume wants to fight after her father’s death.

In this post, we will be focusing on Deca-Dence Episode 2 preview, and a summary. Muro who is Natsume’s father has found a robot with hidden secrets and a Gadol started chasing him with her daughter and his team. The Gadol crushes the car that they were using and Natsume lost her hand. Muro went to fight with the Gadol that cuts Natsume’s hand.

Deca-Dence Episode 2 update

Deca-Dence Episode will be released on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The latest new episode of Deca-Dence will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers of the next episode, so if you don’t like the spoilers you can skip them. Let’s take a look at more details below.



Deca-Dence Summary

This is a story about A girl who lost her father and her right arm due to a Ga-doll attack when she was a child. She dreams of joining of Kanochikara and fight the Ga-doll as a warrior, but reality bites, and ends up working under Kaburagi as an armor repairer. Many years have passed since humanity was driven to the brink of extinction by the sudden emergence of the unknown life forms Ga-doll.

Those humans that survived now dwell in a 3000m-high mobile fortress Deca-dence built to protect themselves from the Ga-doll threat. Denizens of Deca-Dence fall into two categories: Gears, warriors who fight the Gadoll daily, and Tankers, those without the skills to fight. One day Natsume, a Tanker girl who dreams of becoming a Gear meets surly Kaburagi, an armor repairman of Deca-Dence.

This chance meeting between the seemingly two opposites, the girl with a positive attitude who never gives up on her dreams and the realist who has given up on his, will eventually shake the future course of this world. Kaburagi who is a veteran armor repairer, and he is blunt and surly. He was once a great warrior but has lost the ardor to fight and spends his days apathetically.

Kaburagi’s state of mind starts to change through meeting with Natsume who never gives up on her dreams. Kaburagi thinks Natsume’s right hand is not her weakness but it is her weapon. Natsume does not want to change the world only she wants to change herself self too.

Deca-Dence Episode 2 Preview