Opinion – Blizzard Is The Only Entity That Has The Power To Fix This

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Last Updated on August 1, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

I sat last night, preparing to begin my routine collecting routes when I just lacked the necessary energy to log in. This has happened a few times before, but this feels different. Most of us have such misplaced compassion; it’s hard to find the requisite channel to properly expunge it all. I sat last night and tried to cancel three of my four accounts, but I got an error message. It seemed many were doing the very same thing I was doing. Most people are upset and disgusted by the overtly egregious predatory behavior that has been spewing from the Blizzard abhorrent behavior sieve. Yes, let that image resonating at the front of your brain for a minute. The metaphor will serve as the basis for most of this argument.

To make sure we are all on a proper footing, a sieve is like a small scooper for food usually fried in oil but covered in with a metallic mesh screen. I use this because that is what I feel. We had a game that most of us made countless excuses for, and when this veil was revealed, excuses no longer seemed relevant. We defended them when we heard of Covenant Powers, and Conduits and a multitude of legendaries and knew full well they could not balance simple classes. Yet we felt they had, deep down inside, our best interests at heart.

The scene outside of Blizzard’s Irvine offices, where employees protest atrocious conditions.

When the news revealed all the deplorable actions and predatory masochism that was embedded into the very culture of the company that we looked up to, our eyes began to focus on more issues, more embedded behaviors that we simply forgave and overlooked because we thought they had our best interests at heart. But now we see. If they can’t think of the interests of others when they are trying to connive them and pressure them into forced sex, we are naïve and idiotic to think they care about the game they are delivering.

I saw it there, having not logged in to any of my four accounts, and thought about what I am truly missing. Well, I did buy a few characters boosts when they were on sale, so I am missing out on some cash. But all I do really is run through old content, hoping the items I need to collect drop for me so that I can equip them and move on to the next area. I don’t get any new experiences or lasting joy. It’s like all the good bits of soup are poured into a sieve, and the holes are too large to protect any of the salty goodness. It’s the same loop at nauseum.

I had to update a ton of addons that I use for the most basic of iterations within the game world, and I paused. The main game has not changed. In the last two expansions, we get a new story and new world quests. Some changes to classes that don’t balance or iterate on anything they have learned, and new raids and dungeons. Quality of life improvements that should be a welcome sight is ignored. We have had the same type of professions since 2004, with no new ways to create items, markets to explore. I mean, why can’t we have an update on how to make items apart from clicking and watching a bar fill up.

At least try something, anything to spark creativity. The User Interface has not changed, the types of abilities, the core gameplay, nothing is different from Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft to now. We have new shiny coats of paint, but the substance, the actual game, has barely changed in 17 years! If every time RockStar put out content for GTA Online and charged $60 bucks, the game wouldn’t be popular. But their patches and expansions for the newest release are all free! I don’t know what this means for me. I play, stream, and have had great memories of playing World of Warcraft, but the joy I had was resting in a sieve and has flowed through the drain.

There is a solution, but only Blizzard can provide it. They have to remove the corruption that is embedded within the very fabric of their company, immediately address the culture, and look to the future by investing in people. They have to listen. They have to hire leaders who want to lead a game into the future and provide a lasting experience. Here’s to hoping they change and want to have us back.

By Nick Neace

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