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Star Trek: Discovery Away Trailer And Poster Released: Here How You Can Feel The Mission in VR

Star Trek: Discovery trailer is out now! Before we go any further, please take a look:

The Star Trek franchise in 2019 has stepped into the realm of virtual reality. The prestige project is being handled by Sandbox VR, that will introduce the first Star Trek Holodeck VR experience based on Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission, is an enriching experience, directed by Michael Hampden and it is a free-roaming experience all set to arrive in Sandbox VR’s Hong Kong and San Francisco Bay area locations, this autumn.

Star Trek Discovery Away Mission

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission To Focus More On Problem Solving.

The worldwide availability will be made by the year 2020, the early half of 2020. Sandbox VR, the company has planned to roll it out across the States with multiple locations in late 2019 to Los Angeles, NYC, Austin, San Diego, Chicago, and more.

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission is all about 6 participants that will be allowed to enter the Star Trek universe with the use of phasers, tricorders, and even a holodeck. The aid experience will be guided by Mary Wiseman of The Star Trek Discovery fame. She shines in her role as Starfleet Ensign Sylvia Tilly from the CBS All Access series.

Mission Away experience will last for about 30 minutes; we will deal with combat situations. Mary Hampden said that more focus would be laid upon problem-solving than usual shooter situations.

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