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MBC Wild Idol Drops Profile Photos Of New Contestants; Netizens React!

MBC Wild Idol contestants No.1-No.9
MBC Wild Idol contestants No.1-No.9 unveiled

Survival programs have their fandom in South Korea. And MBC’s Wild Idol is soon joining the team. Wild Idol from MBC is an upcoming audition program, which is believed to put the “survival” in “survival shows.” The upcoming show has recently dropped the new images of their contestants and more about their hobbies and talents. However, some people have their own thoughts on the latest contestants. But, after watching the videos of the boys, it’s clear that they have been practicing for an extended period. MBC posted videos where the boys of Wild Idol can be seen covering famous songs. Make sure to check out the photos and the clips.

MBC Wild Idol

The panelists for MBC’s Wild Idol

Wild Idol is an upcoming survival show which will judge contestants based on their physical stamina, skill level, and hidden potentials. The concept looks different from the already existing and previous survival dramas. Hence, the netizens expect more from the program.

MBC Wild Idol Contestants Profile, Talents, and More

As much as we and the fans would like to know about the contestants, MBC has decided not to disclose their names. Instead, all the participants are assigned a number. There will be 45 contestants, and the production company updated the profile from No.1 – No.9.

No. 1 is assigned to a vocal position, and his unique talents are plays and musicals. No. 2 is chosen for rapping, and his special talents are exhibition art. The following constant, No. 3, is from the vocal group, and his unique talents are Musicals. No.4 is also a vocalist, and his special talent is Acrobatics and breakdancing. The Trio- No.5, No.6, and No.7 belong to the “dance” position, but their special talent varies; 5th – studying, 6th- Acting with facial expressions, 7th- Contemporary dance, girl group covers. No. 8 is a vocalist and possesses the talent for Taekwondo. The last is No. 9 with the latent of producing, and will be a rapper.

You can watch their videos here. 

Kim Jong Kook is hosting the program. Meanwhile, Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Sun Bin, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Brave Girls’ Yujeong, and Lee Hyun Yi serve as the panelists. MBC’s Wild Idol will premiere in September. Until then, wait for more profile updates.

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