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Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri Wa Nai! Season 4 Announced!!

Take My Brother Away
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! Season 4

One of the most well known Manhua who even got his drama adaptation is going his now going to get his 4th season this year. The 3rd season was released previous year and now its seems like it is going to hit it off again yet this year again.

Ani ni Tuskeru Kusuru wa Nai! translates “There’s No Cure for My Brother” is short anime series produced by fanworks and Imagineer. Furthermore, this series was based on Chinese web manhua which is known as “Kuai ba Wo Ge Daizou” which translates as “Take My Brother Away” which is also used for the English title for the anime.

The original series in other words manhua written and illustrated You Ling was published by Kuakan Manhua. This web Manhua was read more than 500 million times online in China. Netflix also premiered its live-action version in the format television show in 2018.

The anime is quite amusingly funny and wholesome at the same time. It is targeted for all ages so anyone can enjoy this anime. Or you can light up the cheerful mood watching this series with your siblings. If you’re looking for such anime this one is a perfect opportunity.


The anime is a short series focused on the two siblings Shi Fen and Shi Mao and dumb and hilarious regular days. While Shi Fen is up for something troublesome or causes a scene… Shi Mao will soon arrive at the scene to violently straight him up. The story is the daily days of the two comedy duo siblings.



Shi Fen (Voice Actor: Yuichi Nakamura)

Shi Fen, Main Character Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

Shi Fen is the main leading character of the series and the sister of the main female character. He has dark blue hair and dark black eyes. Though he is the older brother he is quite notorious for his stupid mischiefs which is why her little sister has to beat him up to put some sense on him.

Though He always acts as a dumb teen he sometimes shows a few responsibilities as the family. Though He might be the only one giving troubles to his sister, he deeply cares for her and sometimes became protective of her. Moreover, he is the only one who is close to as for her mother, she left them when they were kids.

Shi Mao (Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya)

Shi Mao, Main Character, Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

Shi Mao is the main female character of the series. Shi Fen has the same hair color as Shi Fen’s dark blue and black eyes but with long hairs. Even though She is the younger sister of Shi Fen she is slightly more of an adult than. She always seems to beat Shi Fen whenever he is on some mischievous act or when he is pissing her off.

Though she is more of an adult than Shi Fen she is completely opposite on her girlish points. Furthermore, Shi Fen had done the house core as she might burn or cook something weird in the kitchen. The only girlish point is her crush on Zhen Kai Xin.

She does act violently to Shi Fen but She still cares about him as the family he could be annoying but he still has a good side.

Zhen Kai Xin (Voice Actor: Kensho Ono)

Zhen Kai Xin, Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

Kai Xin is the supporting character of the story and the best friend of Shi Fen. He has orange hair and has a nice build and a handsome face. Moreover, He is quite popular among the girls in the school. Though He the only thing he cares is for Fun with Shi Fen, sleeping, eating, and Basketball.

Miaomiao (Voice Actor: Chitose Morinaga)

Miaomiao, Ani ni Tuskeru kusuri wa nai!

Miaomiao is the best friend of Shi Mao and always seems to be around with her in school. She knows that Shi Moa has a crush on Kai Xin so she supports her giving her the push and act more girlish.

Wan Sui (Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae)

Wan Sui, Ani ni Tuskeru kusuri wa nai!

Wan Sui is the supporting character of the series. He is a rich kid like in every manga. He is only studying in the same school as Shi Fen because he wants to enjoy as a normal school life like enjoying with friends etc and likes to enjoy spending time with Shi Fen and Kai Xin. However, because of the things he is not familiar with the things he is not aware of the commoners he sometimes gets in trouble.

He has a crush on Shi Fen’s sister.

Wan Xing (Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae)

Wan Xing, Ani ni Tuskeru kusuri wa nai!

Wan Sui is the younger brother of Kai Xin and a quite an intelligent one he transferred into the school to look over his brother. He has transferred himself into the same class as Shi Mao. Moreover, He knew his brother has a crush on Shi Mao so he together with his brother he looks out for Shi Mao too.

You Le

You Le, Ani ni Tuskeru kusuri wa nai!

You Le is commonly known as Class President throughout the series. Furthermore, She is serious and studious, a completely different existence than Shi Fen. Not to mention Shi Fen has a crush on the class president and there are some small hints that Youle has a little thing for Shi Fen.


The anime adaptation first appeared in April on Tokyo MX, the second season in December 2018, and then the 3rd October 2019. And now on June 17, 2020, it was announced that the Fourth season of this anime will be airing on October 2020 on Tokyo MX.

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