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Fatalis update In Monster Hunter World – What We Know So Far

Fatalis update
Fatalis Still

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is coming up with the fifth and final version of its update.  The development has said that this update will come up with the legendary black dragon. This particular dragon in the online game is said to have destroyed the entire kingdom in a single night. This creature in the online game is named Fatalis, fans are eager to look for the negative aspect of this Dragon so that they can prepare themself for defeating this creature. The trailer has been launched in recent times to increase the curiosity of the gamers which mention this dragon as a mighty threat. The previous update of the online game also received a trailer along with many fan-made posters that speculated around the internet. This new update from the game developers is expected to come up with many new assignments. The most common thing that’s seen in this assignment is that it requests the players to conquer the legendary beast which makes it more interesting.

This special assignment will be unveiled to the gamers after they meet the minimum requirements needed for qualification. This will be introduced after finishing the Iceborne story which explains the new updates and new features that are included in the online game. After finishing the story players need to complete the Alatreon investigation. Based on the latest information, we could able to come across the weakness factors about the dragon which might help players while trying to defeat. it’s said that Dragon Element will be a weakness factor of the Black dragon which allows the player to take charge while attacking. The fight with the Dragon is expected to take place at Castle Schrade. This place is something that is familiar which is already experienced in the previous updates.

Fatalis update

Fatalis Image

While carrying out the fight against the Dragon, the player will experience some of the newly developed mechanics like Dragonator and cannons. Even though these mechanisms are previously available, it’s said that it will come with slighter changes to enhance the action-filled experience. The new end game monster developed by the core team of experts is expected to have some of the highly equipped weapons. While completing the fight against the monster, the player will come across the newly designed weapons and armour. These things are provided as the badge of honor for defeating the Black Dragon. These are rewarded for both Hunter and the Palico. The new skill which comes with this update will use lighter weapons during the battle. Lighter weapons which include Bow, Shield, and Insect Glaive will be used to reduce the power by the single hit.

When Is Fatalis update?

Fatalis is released on October,1,2020. As announced earlier, the original version of the update will go live followed by many other events and programs. Many might have already experienced their new for those who are looking for the update can get more information about the article from this blog post. All Master Rank armor which is gained in the previous update will be available as layered armor. Many new types of equipment will be available in the update to tenderize the monster.