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Free-for-all Mode Coming To Call of Duty Mobile And Will Be Available For A Limited Time

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile (Credits: Tencent)

Call of Duty Mobile has released for the Mobile and it was downloaded by over 100 million people in the Google Play store in a week. That is much more than Pubg or Fortnite. It arrived not too long ago and it is already getting some new content. This upcoming content update will be bringing a new Free-for-All mode arriving on 11 October and will be playable until 17 October. This was confirmed by a new in-game message, so play it while you still can.

Free-For-All Mode Details

This mode (Free-for-All) is the first mode that is coming to Call of Duty Mobile since it was released. You might ask, what will be this game mode be about, Well, this mode will be a classic in which everyone will be playing for themselves. This is quite a nice change of pace from the game’s other team-based modes like Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and Frontline. If you want to improve your skills as a player and don’t want to play in a team-based match, this is the game mode for you.

Call of Duty Mobile update

Call of Duty Mobile (Credits: Tencent)

Call of Duty Mobile is currently the most popular mobile game of all time and it as made records ever since it was released. It has 100 million downloads and most of the downloads are came from iOS, with iPhone users accounting for 57 million. It has even more downloads than PUBG Mobile which had 28 million and on the other hand Fortnite which had 22.5 in their first seven days.

Moreover, within three days this game hit the top of the IOS chart. According to Sensor Tower, the Apple App Store accounted for $9.1 million in revenue, or 53 percent, while Android users spent $8.3 million, or 47 percent. Activision president, Rob Kostich described the popularity of the game as amazing and he said that they are only just getting started.