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Harry Potter Character ‘Eddie Redmayne’ Show Desire To Be In Fantastic Beasts 3

The level of enthusiasm has risen among the fans that fantastic beasts 3 is really happening, after the two fantastic beast films and their memorable characters. Everyone is wondering who would star in the movie.

The desire of Eddie Redmayne

The Harry Potter character Eddie Redmayne has shown desire to be in the movie more than once. The movie is expected to be focused on Hogwarts more, which is the wizarding School, according to Hagrid.

The first two movies which took place in the 1920s showed a rise of Gellert Grindelwald. A shift in the timeline has to be done to make sense for the entire movie. In Harry Potter, Rubeus hagrid was born in 1928, a year after the series begins. To bring this character into a fantastic Beast story, they have to jump a few years ahead.

Surrounding controversies

The incorporation of Harry Potter characters into the fantastic beast series has proved to be controversial. There has been a number of controversies when the fan’s expectations were not meet, especially when the director backtracked without revealing Dumbledore’s sexuality.

The fact that Voldemort’s beloved snake Nagini was once a human had also become controversial. The fans could easily point out that there was a loophole in the plot. Further, Minerva McGoneal was shown in fantastic beast 2 in a scene that takes place almost a decade before she was born.

Expectations of fans

It is highly expected of the new movie that they will look after this kind of detail. Also, it will bring clarity for the fans and also make sense. There is still a hope that Hagrid Cameo will be there in the movie. His inclusion in the fantastic Beast story is important. This is because he adores magical creatures more than other characters.

The movie is scheduled to begin production in 2020, and fans can expect it to watch it at the theaters on 21st November 2021.