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Abyss Rage Chapter 65: Spoilers

Abyss Rage Chapter 65 update and Spoliers

In this article, we are going to talk about Abyss Rage Chapter 65 Spoilers. In the latest release, Chapter 64, Shinobu’s fight with Mikoto was brought to a halt as the mask she was wearing came off. Shinobu then realized that he’s been fighting Mikoto all this time to which one of the prisoners pointed that he’s been stupid as he just realized it now after all the time they were fighting. They were both restrained and were taken away as they were told that it would be the last time they see each other. Meanwhile, Toshihide sent people after Amagami as it seemed as if there is another plan going on but being carried out in secrecy.

Abyss Rage follows the story of Shinobu, a blind boy who lives a peaceful life with the support of his kind teacher and girlfriend, Mikoto. Shinobu trains daily to learn the ancient martial art of self-defense known as “Mibuchi Toshujutsu.” One day everything was stolen from him by a strange visitor who appears at the Dojo. The stranger also defeated both Shinobu and his teacher and ended up stealing Mikoto from him. After 3 years have passed. Shinobu gathered himself together from his dispair and found himself at a remote island prison where only the most abominable criminals are kept. While in there, he begins a battle royale, a free for all fight to the death which included the prisoners as well.

The upcoming chapter will reveal more about Toshihide’s plan to take out Amagami and the intention behind it as it is more likely to cause chaos within the prison. As both Shinobo and Mikoto are captured and seem to be on what appears as a death row. This only means that there is still more action coming as Shinobu wouldn’t let anything like that happen. With Chapter 64 released on the 27th of November, Viz Media’s Manga plus revealed that Chapter 65 of Abyss Rage is scheduled for a release on Wednesday, the 11th of December, at 17:00 JST.