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Tales Of Demons and Gods Chapter 253: Where To Read

Tales Of Demons and Gods Chapter 253 update and Details

Tales of Demons and Gods continued its fast-paced release with Chapter 252 a few days ago. In this article, we will do a short recap of the latest chapter and later look at the schedules for the next chapters. Nie Li and Yu Yan’s struggle with an Avalanche’s level monster continues in the battle of the snowy mountains.

Nie Li’s dragon burst bombs successfully managed to free them from their situation as he blasted the monster with them. The bombs seem to be working very well together with Nie Li’s combinations to a point where one of the monster’s companions had to rush in for its help. Nie Li then prepared for the final attack, which looks so dangerous to a point where it could even take the monster out with Chapter 252 coming to an end.

Tales of Demons and Gods revolves around Nie Li’s life, who ranks high amongst the strongest Demons Spirits in his past life within the martial world. When he lost his life during his battle with Sage Emperor, and the six deities ranked beasts, he was reborn back in time when he was 13 years old. As he became the weakest in his class and had the lowest talent at only the Red soul realm, he used the knowledge he acquired in his past life to train faster than anyone. He then aimed to protect the city from the coming future where he was assaulted and destroyed and also to protect everyone he failed in his past life

Although Chapter 252 was short and a cliff hanger. It is a good thing that the next chapter will be available not long from now. This is where we will see the aftermath of Nie Li’s explosive assault against the Avalanche monster as they have been struggling against it as it seems like victory is over the horizon.

As the manga has been consistent on releasing every three days, then this means that Chapter 253 will be available by tomorrow(10th December) if not later today. You can check IsekaiScan as they are usually up to date with the latest chapters.