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‘The Office’ Christmas Episodes By Season – Ranked

The Office Christmas Episodes

Today we’ll together rank all The Office Christmas Episodes. Every office does get a Christmas party and this time of year was comically depicted in The Office show. Christmas parties on this show were intended towards affairs filled with cringe-worthy jokes. These hilarious, moments on the show stand-out and should be re-watched by one on Christmas.

No. 5 – The Office Season 3, Episode 10 “A Benihana Christmas”

In this hilarious episode, Michael Scott’s love life was a running gag. His romantic disasters dominated everyone’s Christmas delight. After adding his face on Carol’s ex-husband in a family photo, Michael sends the photoshopped image as his seasonal Christmas card, his breakup with Carol felt unsurprising. His bemoaning of the end of the affair and his chance to have a romantic getaway to Sandals Jamaica was also expected.

No. 5 – The Office Season 9, Episode 9 “Dwight Christmas”

Dwight and Jim were a funny image of how you can tease and irritate your buddy but still love them. In this episode of “Dwight Christmas,” we see the respect and love between them. With Jim set to leave work ahead for his brand-new work in Philadelphia and Angela dropping the ball for the office’s annual shindig, Dwight gets the opportunity to share in an authentic, Pennsylvania Dutch celebration of the holiday. This means drinking Gluhwein with the spoon used to scoop Dwight out of his mother’s birth canal.

No. 3 – The Office Season 7, Episodes 11 & 12 “Classy Christmas”

The best moment in this episode is the snowball fight between the characters. Following Jim pegs Dwight in the face with the season’s first dusting, the two agree to have an all-out war. Usually, Dwight’s is woefully outmatched when it comes to pranks with Jim but this Christmas, the beet farmer, comes out on top.

No. 2 – The Office Season 2, Episode 10 “Christmas Party”

Everyone understands the office gift-giving tradition which is carried out by being Secret Santa is not to be messed. Critical things occur when we intrude the biennial status-quo. Michael discovers that when he shakes things up by forcing the employees to play a game of Yankee Swap instead of just giving gifts, they’d spent time buying or crafting for specific people in the office.

No. 1 – The Office Season 6, Episode 13 “Secret Santa”

Even if you don’t remember this episode, it’s among the best Christmas episode. As Andy gets his crush Erin for the gift-giving game and decides to overwhelm her with gifts based on the classic carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Regrettably, for Erin, most of those days are birds which means she’s left with French hens ripping her hair out to make nests and a gaggle of geese stuffed into her compact car.

Favorite Mention The Office Season 5, Episode 11 “Moroccan Christmas”

Being the best and my favorite episode “Moroccan Christmas” is a fantastic episode to have fun watching. This episode starts strong, with one of Jim’s better pranks on his beloved Dwight as he covers the guy’s entire desk in gift wrapping and the whole episode keeps getting better. After Phyllis witnesses Dwight and Angela were having sex behind Andy’s back, she threatens to expose the affair to the entire office if she isn’t allowed to plan this year’s holiday festivities. (If blackmailing your despotic employee with a life-ruining secret isn’t the true meaning of Christmas, we don’t know what is.)