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Fuller House Season 6: There is no the show is canceled

Fuller House Season 6 update
Fuller House Cast

A Netflix original series, Fuller House, has attracted a good viewership over it’s past five seasons. It is a continuation of the ABC series, “Fuller House” and has proven to be a popular show on the web-streaming giant. Its fifth season was launched on 6th December 2019, with its second part to be released in March 2020. However, the main question remains- Will Fuller House be renewed for Season 6?

Is Fuller House Season 6 Cancelled?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The series created by Jeff Franklin is going to be canceled after Season 5.

The main reason behind the cancellation of the show is LOW VIEWERSHIP. The series was a binge-hit on Season One, but as the series progressed, the nostalgia factor wore off, reducing its viewership. The streaming giant is very serious about the viewership data of each show but keeps the same as secret. However, sources like Jumpshot reveal a drop in ratings and a fall in viewership by 52% from Season One to Season Two and by 10% in Season Two to Season Three. Symphony has also suggested a 67% drop in ratings.

The Story of the series was set several years later after “Fuller House.” Danny Fuller, a veterinarian, and a widowed mother is struggling to bring up her three daughters. The story follows her as she lands in a similar situation as her father. She juggles her professional career and her personal life and takes the help of her best friend, Stephanie. The tale whose crisis develops after Danny’s husband’s untimely demise is pretty close to being the original material.

The Cast Crew took to Instagram and Twitter to vent their responses to the series shut down. Jodie Sweetin bid farewell to the show and offered gratitude to the amazing loyal fans. Every cast had the sentiment of saving the best for the last, and everyone was happy to be back for Season 5.

John Stamos staged a prank for the upcoming April Fools Day. He added a video on his Instagram page with the message of Netflix – I call it Shitflix. He was also quick to reassure his good relations with the streaming giant.