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Yuuki Ogawa’s Miru Tights Reveals Top 3 Main Characters

Miru Tights

Miru tights, a new anime web series directed by Yuuki Ogawa unveiled the names of top 3 main characters of the anime. The official sources revealed the anime had cast Yoko Hikasa, Haruka Tomatsu and Aya Suzaki in lead roles. According to sources, the said anime web series is going to be out by summer 2019.

Miru Tights has based on illustrators Yomu’s girls in tights illustration. The anime needed a design crafter and a figure illustration maker, the story has been given by Yomu himself. This is why Yom had been chosen in the first place. The official sources also revealed Valentine’s Day visuals of the characters. However, the Anime’s Official website was opened with a 35-second teaser and other teaser visuals.

As mentioned above, this anime is Yuuki Ogawa directorial web series; Yukari Hibino designs characters, Fumiaki Maruto acclaims series screenplay credits. Color design credits are given to Fusako Nakao, Hirotsugu Kakoi praises art direction credits, Masato Yoshitake is Editor, Jin Aketagawa is Sound Director, And Mitsuhiro Sato is photography director.

The Anime Web series is Likely to be out by summer 2019 as mentioned above; it’s already gaining a lot of attention from all over the world. The primary reason it’s winning a lot of attention is that it’s different from what we anime fans have seen before.

The anime is about the girls in tights. Original story credits are acclaimed by Yomu, who is a professional illustrator whose primary work comprises of women in tights.