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Catastrophe Season 4 Rumors Suggests A March 2019 Release On Amazon Prime

Catastrophe Season 4

Catastrophe returned for its fourth in January. The Channel 4 comedy show has earned a lot of plaudits for the quality it has presented to the audience. The fourth season of Catastrophe began airing on January 29, on Channel 4. The fourth season has already finished airing with the last episode airing on February 12.

The fourth season of the show had a total of six episodes. If you missed the fourth season completely, then you have to resort to streaming the episodes online. The episodes are available on All 4, which is the streaming service by Channel 4. All 4 streamed the first episode live on the very same night at 10 pm.

So far, there has been no information about the release of Catastrophe season four on Amazon Prime Video. If we take a look at the third season of Catastrophe, it was aired on Amazon Prime on April 2017. It aired two months after the series began airing on Channel 4.

If Amazon Prime Video continued to follow the same pattern as the previous season, we can expect the new season to launch sometime in March. Channel 4 aired each episode weekly but, Amazon Prime releases all the episodes at once. They usually wait for the series to end airing in the UK.

This is the fourth and final season of Catastrophe and it will be interesting to see what Amazon Prime do. A lot of sources have been reporting that the fourth season will arrive on Amazon Prime on March 15.

Now moving on to the cast of series. The main cast was obviously a part of the fourth season. Here is the cast for the final season of Catastrophe:

Sharon Horgan as Sharon Morris
Rob Delaney as Rob Norris
Mark Bonnar as Chris
Ashley Jensen as Fran
Daniel Lapine as Dave
Jonathan Forbes as Fergal

The story follows an American man, Rob, and an Irish woman, Sharon. Sharon lives in London, and Rob visits London, and the two of them meet. They have a fling with each other. After Rob goes back to America, Sharon finds out that she is pregnant by Rob. Rob ends up moving back to London, and two of them become a couple.