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‘Goblin Slayer Movie’ New Episode To Be Streamed In Japan

Goblin Slayer probably made the most controversial impact last year when it comes to anime adaptations. Its first episode became one of the most talked-about season premieres and shocked a lot of viewers. Those who are reading the manga or read the light novels are not disappointed with the action and thrill. Finally, the season ends with a promise for a second season. For those who can’t wait, there will be a new Goblin Slayer episode that will be available soon.

According to Moetron News, a new Goblin Slayer episode will be released in Japanese theaters. The news was via Dengeki G’s, a magazine published in Japan. This movie is called “Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown” and features the poster below. Goblin Slayer’s group: Lizard Priest, Priestess, High Elf Archer, and Dwarf Shaman is confirmed to appear in the movie. In addition, a new character called the Noble Fencer would be introduced. She is a part of a noble family that can cast lightning, but she decided to make her own name as an adventurer.

Goblin Slayer Poster

The movie will be about Goblin Slayer and his crew going on yet another Goblin Slaying. However, they will be put in a tough situation where the goblins outnumber them by large, and there is a goblin paladin leading the goblin army. This could be one of their hardest moments yet.

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese dark fantasy written by Kumo Kagyu. It was illustrated by Kosuke Kurose and is published in Monthly Big Gangan. The anime started October and ended in December last year, with 12 episodes in total. Goblin Slayer has eight volumes, with the most recent one released last year. The English translation of volume 7 is set to be released in late May. The manga is still ongoing and is currently in its 34th chapter.