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Spectros Season 2 Production, Cast and All You Need To Know

Spectros Season 2

Spectros is a web series. It is originally a Brazilian show. The series came to Netflix in 2020. Thriller and supernatural is the genre of this web series. I’ll be discussing Spectros season 2 spoilers, production details, cast, and whatever about this episode we know. Also, spoilers are also part of this post; this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more, let us begin discussing the topic.

Spectros Season 2 update: When will it premiere?

Spectros Season 2 will be released in February 2021. Season 1 of Spectros came out in February 2020, so it is very likely that season 2 will be coming in February 2021, we will update you once the official update is confirmed. The show is made in the Portuguese language as it is from Brazil. English viewers will have to watch it using subtitles. Season 1 had seven episodes, and it is presumed that the new season will also be having another seven episodes.

The new season of the show isn’t announced so far, but due to the popularity of the show, we expect that this show will indeed be renewed for another season. This show is a delightful blend of Brazilian folklore and Brazilian history. There is another element of Japanese tales that we see in the story. The show is made in Liberdade district. The major catch of this district is that it is the biggest ever Japanese population outside of actual Japan. This show is rated just 4.4/10, which is way below par.

Spectros Plot

As mentioned in Liberdade district, Sao Paulo is the location in which the show is being shot. It is the show in which we get to see five teenagers that, by accident, come in contact with supernatural activity. This activity is related to back in the past in the year 1908. The teenagers have to make peace with some bizarre events taking place in their lives all of a sudden. We get to see some sort of black magic as souls start to haunt the people who have made some serious mistakes in the past. These ghosts from the past want revenge, which makes the plot even more interesting. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t have an awesome rating.

Spectros Cast Details

The main cast of the show includes:

  • Claudia Okuno playing the role of Mila.
  • Danilo Mesquita plays the role of Pardal
  • Mariana Senn plays the role of Carla
  • Enzo Barone plays the role of Léo
  • Pedro Carvalho plays the role of Zeca
  • Miwa Yanagizawa plays the role Zenóbia
  • Carlos Takeshi plays the role of Celso
  • Daniel Rocha plays the role of Ricardo
  • Norival Rizzo plays the role Mário Severo
  • Ren Hanami plays the role of Zenóbia (English)
  • Kelzy Ecard plays the role of Suzana
  • Nicolas Trevijano plays the role of Jaime Lopes
  • Jui Huang plays the role of Wong
  • Wallie Ruy plays the role of Loretta
  • Jimmy Wong plays the role of Li
  • Eduardo Silva plays the role of Chaguinhas
  • Alessandra Lia plays the role of Helena
  • Mei Goya plays the role of Zenóbia (criança)
  • Jun Sakuma plays the role of Olhos Costurados
  • Gilberto Kido plays the role of Mandíbula Caída
  • Yoshida Jorge Filho plays the role of Boca Costurada
  • Werner Schünemann plays the role of Alberto Severo
  • Tony Lee plays the role of Zhao
  • Mayhara Ribeiro plays the role of Bia
  • Jairo Mattos plays the role of Rossi
  • Alexia Botelho plays the role of Beautiful Ghost
  • Fânia Espinosa plays the role of Janaína
  • Kazue Akisue plays the role of Momma
  • Damian Joseph Quinn plays the role of Loretta (English)
  • Lindsay Seim plays Helena (English)

These are all the cast members that we saw in Spectros Season 1. It will be interesting to see which of the above cast will be making their return to Spectros Season 2.

Spectros Production Details

Spectros season 1 was directed, Douglas Petrie. Executive producers of this show are Roberto D’Avila and Suraia Lenktaitis. The production locations of this show include São Paulo, Brazil. Moonshot Pictures is the production company of the show. Netflix is the distributor of the show, and on the streaming service, you can watch season 1 in your quarantine time. The picture format of the show is 4K ultra-high definition.

As usual, this show of Netflix was released all on one day. Due to the current prevailing situation of Coronavirus, the release of the second season of Spectros may also be extended. By the looks of it, we don’t even know come next to you who will be alive and who will be dead. There hasn’t been any official announcement of the show so far as well regarding renewal or cancellation of this show, but the cliff hanger suggests that their will indeed be another season of the show. So, let us see and wait when the official announcement regarding the new Season of Spectros is made. Let us know your reviews regarding the Spectros web series.