Rugal Episode 6 update & Streaming Details

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Rugal. (OCN)

Rugal, the K-drama about a detective with cybernetic eyes who wants to take revenge on an evil organization, is OCN’s newest K-drama that made its debut on March 28. Based on Rel .mae’s webtoon of the same name, the K-drama starring Choi Jin Hyuk is doing well in the rating department with its unique story and characters.

The show stars actors Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs, Justice), Park Sung Woong (Bridal Mask, Remember), and Do Dong Hyuk (The Last Empress, Love Affairs in the Afternoon) in the lead roles. Park Sun Ho (Produce X 101, Best Chicken) is also a part of the cast. Kang Chul Woo (My Secret Romance) is serving as the director of the show, and the writing is provided by Do Hyun, based on Rel .mae’s webtoon.

Rugal tells the story of detective Kang Ki Bum who gets in trouble after trying to investigate a shady organization, as said organization kills his family and blinds him. He is on the run from them when he gets recruited by a special team of cybernetic soldiers who give him new artificial eyes and ask him to help them fight the organization. Five episodes of the K-drama have aired already, and we’re looking forward to the episode 6 this week. In this article, you will find the streaming details and airing time of Rugal episode 6.

Rugal Episode 6 update: When will it air?

Rugal episode 6 will release on Sunday, April 12, 2020, at 22:50 KST (Korea Standard Time) on the OCN channel in Korea. The show releases two episodes weekly on Saturdays and Sundays, and episode 6 will be the second episode of this week.

Where to Watch Rugal Episode 6 Online?

Rugal episode 6 should be immediately available to watch online with English subtitles on Netflix after it airs in South Korea. With a Netflix subscription, you can watch Rugal episode 5 as well as the previously released two episodes online. Rugal can be streamed on Netflix via desktop, mobile phones and tablets, and smart TVs.

What is Rugal About?

The story of Rugal takes place with honest and respectable police detective Kang Ki Bum’s (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) loss of his vision and his wife by the hands of the special organization called Argos. This happened when he was assigned to investigate Argos. One day, when coming home from work, he finds several masked men murdering his wife and child. They beat him up too and cut out both of his eyeballs.

Kang Ki Bum is now on the run because, after the incident, he wakes up in a hospital room and finds out that he is framed for murder. The National Intelligence Service contacts him and informs him that he is selected to be a part of a special team. He gets recruited by Rugal, which is an army of bio-engineered soldiers whose sole purpose is to fight against Argos and stop their terror attacks in South Korea. Rugal grants Kang Ki Bum cybernetic eyes, which grant him the ability to see again.

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