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Pandora Season 2: Other Details

Pandora Season 2

Pandora is another one among a huge collection of USA’s television shows. It is a science fiction television show. Thus far, the show has just released one season, but it has been officially announced that another season of Pandora is on its way as well. In this post, I’ll be talking about Pandora Season 2 and on top of that, I will be sharing some information regarding the series as a whole. Pandora fans sit tight and enjoy the ride. Also, spoilers are also part of this post, and this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more, let us begin discussing the topic.

Pandora Season 2 update

Pandora Season 2 will be released in 2020 only. The exact date of the release is yet to be revealed. The first season premiered in July, so the next one might also come out during the same month, which is July 2020. After the conclusion of Season 1 on 01 October 2019, it was soon announced that there would be a second season of the show released in 2020, so it has indeed been officially renewed by the CW network for the second season.

If we look at the views that Pandora Season 1 got, it started off with 0.72 million views for the first episode which gradually decreased and the finale that aired on 01 October 2019 had just 0.38 million views which tell us that a lot of people started to watch the show but left it in the middle. Season 1 of Pandora had 13 episodes, which suggest that Pandora Season 2 may also have a similar amount of episodes as well.

The story of Pandora kicks off in the year 2199. It is purely a story based on falsehood, that is fiction and that too science one. The story focuses on a woman who gradually loses all she has but finds a reason to again live at an Earth’s Space Training Academy. They then learn to defend the Earth from aliens and other threats that normally do not even exist.

But unfortunately, Pandora doesn’t even know about her own nature about which she slowly but surely uncovers the truth. She could turn out to be humanity and Earth’s savior or the one that destroys it as a whole. It seems that this show follows that old used and used the formula of science fiction falsehood, which everyone is tired of, and maybe that is why its viewers declined over the course of its season.

This show is rated one of the lowest ever shows on IMDb, and its rating is 3.9/10, which sort of feels a threat no to go anywhere near this awful show. I wonder why do people even watch it. What is more surprising is that how could it be renewed again. Some might think that Pandora Season 2 will be better to which I agree because it simply cannot get any worse.

Pandora Production and Cast Details

The creators of this show are Mark A. Altman and Steve Kriozere. Composers are Joe Kraemer and Penka Kouneva. Executive producers of Pandora are Chris Philip, Karine Martin, Thomas P. Vitale, Steve Kriozere, and Mark A. Altman. The production location of the show is Bulgaria. Production companies of Pandora are Starlings Television, Vital Signs Entertainment, and Radioactive Fishtank. The show is officially broadcast via The CW network. Picture format in which the show is made in 1080p High Definition Television.

Cast members and characters of Pandora are as follows:

  • Priscilla Quintana plays the role of protagonist Pandora also known as Jacqueline “Jax” Zhou.
  • Oliver Dench plays the role of Xander Duvall.
  • Raechelle Banno plays the role of Atria Nine.
  • John Harlan Kim plays the role of Greg Li.
  • Ben Radcliffe plays the role of Ralen.
  • Banita Sandhu plays the role of Delaney Pilar.
  • Noah Huntley plays the role of Professor Donovan Osborn.
  • Martin Bobb-Semple plays the role of Thomas James Ross.
  • Tehmina Sunny plays the role of Regan Freid.
  • Tommie Earl Jenkins plays the role of Ellison Pevney.
  • Vikash Bhai plays the role of Martin Shral.
  • Manu Bennett plays the role of Leone Volk
  • Amy McPherson plays the role of Matta.

These are some of the main cast and characters of the show.

Pandora Critics Response

I have already told you all that my views of this show are, now let me share the views of some of the well-known websites of Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter is the one most of you look forward to reading they have criticized the show full-on, the visuals were targeted the most and were labelled as cheap and fat. In addition, they say not one character is likable in the whole show.

There also is no mysterious science-fiction feel about the show, nor is there any significant relationship development between any characters. Even Rotten Tomatoes has given it 0% approval and a rating of 4/10, which is not surprising at all. Even after reading this post, if you are still looking forward to the new season of Pandora, please tell us why for sure in the comments section down below. Nonetheless, it has been renewed, and unless the whole cast and production die due to Coronavirus pandemic, the Pandora Season 2 is on course to release in 2020.