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Bonding Season 2:And All We Know So Far

The dark comedies on Netflix seem to be doing good for themselves; the latest one to join this trend is Bonding. Season 1 of Bonding debuted on April 24 this year. Bonding tells the tale of a New York City-based student, who’s also a dominatrix. The side character is her best friend, who’s a stand-up comedian.

Bonding owes credit to Rightor Doyle, while Zoe Levin stars in the lead as Tiff Chester, a grad student who doesn’t interact much with her peers and has a guarded personality. You may remember Zoe Levin from The Way Way Back. To support herself as a student in New York City, Tiff works as a dominatrix. She uses the moniker “Mistress May.”

Heather played by Brendan Scannell. Tiff’s best Friend is Pete, who’s an aspiring comedian, she also assists Mistress May under the moniker “Master Carter.” Season 1 of Bonding was relatively short, ten episodes each of 20 minutes duration. The dark comedy was loved by viewers in general but hated by the dominatrix community for certain loopholes.

As goes for Season 2 of Bonding, it is not officially commissioned as of now, Netflix will wait 2-6 weeks, in general, to gauge the response before Season 2 is commissioned. Season 2 of Bonding will be televised in 2020 if at all it gets commissioned. It’s a waiting game for now, more as we have it.