Remake Our Life!’s Second Trailer Breakdown – What To Except

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Bokutachi no Remake or popularly knows as Remake Our Life! Among all the manga fans, is a light novel series. The story has been penned down by Nachi Kio while its illustration has been done by Eretto. This franchise started back in 2017 under the MF Bunko J imprint. As of right now, a piece of wonderful news has come out for all the fans of this manga show which reveals that an anime has been put under the process of development based on this novel series. This television version of the tale will be created by Feel and is set to release on our screens very soon.

Thus, here we have decided to wrap up all the newest details which we know about this show. The announcement of this anime adaptation was done back in December of 2019. But later in November of 2020, the creators at Feel revealed that they are going to put forth Remake our Life! In the form of a television series. The whole show will be animated by Feel while its director is Tomoki Kobayashi. Nachi Kio is set to handle the responsibility of the scripts and Kosuke Kawamura will be the one designing the characters. Remake our Life! Will be produced under the banner of Frontwing and will mainly release on Tokyo MX as well as other channels.

Remake Our Life!’s Second Trailer
A still from the upcoming anime Remake Our Life!

Remake Our Life! – Plot

The story of Remake Our Life! Throws the entire spotlight on the character named Hashiba Kyouya. He is 28 years in age and develops games for the profession. Soon enough, he realizes that his company is touching the heights of bankruptcy and he might lose his job very soon. This is why Hashiba decides that he is going to return to his hometown soon. But as he has now left the city and is living in the suburban areas with his family, he analyses the success of other people who are his age and are pretty successful. But well, fate has something more written in his story. As he lay there regretting all the life decisions he has ever made, something bizarre happens.

Hashiba finds himself ten years back into the past with all his memory intact. This is the time when he was about to enter college. Now, we will see in the anime show whether or not Hashiba will be able to make his life right once again now that he has been given a golden opportunity? The whole story manages to engage the fans with its amazing plotline and portrays a man who has been given a second chance at life. Now, in order to keep the anticipation level of the fans intact, the creators have dropped PV as well as trailers, which gives us a powerful insight into what the story might actually look like. Well, here we have mentioned every detail regarding it.

Remake Our Life!’s Second Trailer Breakdown

A second promotional video has now been dropped in for all the fans to grasp new information about the forthcoming anime series. Remake Our Life! The release date is on the 3rd of July 2021. This new trailer has been released by the official website of the anime show. In this new video, we all can witness Kyouya, as we have already talked about, waking up in his bedroom but the timeline has changed. He has traveled back 10 years ago. Now, we know that various anime genres these days focus on creating an alternative reality for our characters to get out from the crisis they are suffering from. Also, the fact that Hashiba Kyouya travels back in time to set things right is not a new concept either, but the story of his life is what makes the show special.

The video shows our main character meeting with his mates who will live with him and have become famous in the future. Also, various characters have been introduced which makes us understand the type of personality each will have. Also, we know that the main cast was already discussed when the first promotional video came out for us. Well, this one has revealed some new members too such as Miyuki Sawashiro who will voice the character of Kano. Then we have Hidenori Takahashi who will do the part of Genkiro Hikawa. Atsushi Tamaru will play the role of Takashi Kiryu.

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