Read We Never Learn Chapter 164 Spoilers, and Recap

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We Never Learn

In this week’s post, we are going to talk about We Never Learn Chapter 164 and a recap of the last chapter. Furuhashi Fumino went to Kominami Clinic for a checkup the doctor told her that in another two weeks they will be removing the cast from her broken ankle. After that, she went to school with Rizu they enjoy eating platonic chocolate. Ruzi offers Nariyuki some chocolates to share with him. Nariyuki was so happy and Fumino thinks that it’s because of the chocolates she decided to give him too but she hesitates as she was jealous of Rizu.

Inside the library, Fumino told Nariyuki to stop eating chocolate but reminded Nariyuki about valentine’s day hide her chocolates that she has to give it to him as a gift. Take a look at more latest updates down below.

We Never Learn Chapter 164 Updates So Far

We Never Learn Chapter 164 will be released on Friday, 26 June 2020. The latest chapters of We Never Learn are released every Friday. The weekly release schedule has changed from Sunday release to Friday.

We Never Learn


Previously on We Never Learn Chapter 163

Fumino receives a text message from Urika telling her that she has managed to give chocolates to her crush and her support helps her to be brave. Fumino just smiled and looks at Nariyuki she decided not to give valentine’s chocolate to him because she is scared. She thinks that the chocolate is for her father after school Fumino decided that as soon as the exams are over she is going to give the chocolates to Nariyuki and confess her feelings.

Fumino is on her way to her home she has different thoughts that it is better she throws the chocolate to the river or she better eat them at home. She ended up tripping and the chocolate fell down inside the river and get destroyed. Fumino thinks its better if she had given it to Nariyuki then she started shedding tears blaming herself. Suddenly Nariyuki came rushing and he gets inside the river and he manages to pick the chocolates. He told her it is fine because it is wrapped inside the bag.

Nariyuki also told her she has put more effort to prepare the chocolate for her dad without knowing that the chocolate is for him. Fumino hugged  Nariyuki and told him she can’t give the chocolate she dropped in a river and she took it back but Nariyuki opens them and share it with her.

Where To Read We Never Learn Chapter 164 Online

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