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Monster Girl Doctor Episode 3 Preview, and Spoilers

Monster Girl Doctor

Saphentite Neikes met with Glen when she visited his village at night looking for a place to stay. As the war between the monsters continued she came to Litbeit households as a hostage. Glenn’s father and Saphentite Family ran an Eastern trading company while secretly trying to open a trade route. She was a hostage for her family not to betray the company.

In this post, we are going to talk about Monster Girl Doctor Episode 3 preview, and a recap. The contract between two families went as planned and one year later the long war ended. There was no longer reason to hold Saphentite as a hostage and no reason for her to stay too. Saphentite left the village and a few years later Gleenn Litbeit is enrolled at Nemea Academy to study monster medicine.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 3 update

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 2 will be released on Sunday 26 July 2020, at 11:00 PM JST. Note that Monster Girl Doctor episode is released every Sunday. The spoilers of episode 3 are not yet available. Take a look at the summary of this anime and preview below.

Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor Summary

After a hundred years, the long war between monsters and humans has come to an end. Humans and monsters started to understand each other and they decided to live together in peace sharing every resource. The story focuses on Dr. Glenn Litbeit and his Lamia assistant Sapphee, who runs a clinic in the town of Lindworm.

Dr. Glenn always ends up in dangerous positions with his patients but for him, it is good because it’s strictly for medical purposes. He may come close to suffocating from the pressure of his lamia assistant Saphentite’s tail coiling around him. The clinic is open for business in this medical fantasy that explores the physiologies of monster girls as never before.

The monsters and humans cannot remember why they fight back in the past and the reason for the fighting completely disappeared as time passed. Monsters and human visits Dr. Glenn for their problems and deceased to be solved. Some monsters and humans did not know when they are pregnant.

They ask what kind of disease is this but Glenn always helps them understand their state. Glenn and his assistant help everyone even though it is a risk or can lead to death. As a doctor, he is willing to do anything to help his patient and maintain peace between humans and monsters. Glen’s hands are open to help everyone.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 3 Preview