Noblesse Episode 4 New Spoilers

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Razel and Frankenstein have decided to stay with Regis and Seri, Regis didn’t like how M-12 cooks his food and they both dislike each other. Every day they keep on quarreling and Frankenstein keeps on making peace between them. When they are enjoying dinner Regis told M-21 that he will keep on observing him. Since Frank is a calm person in front of Raizel, Regis thinks that M-21 is controlling Frank’s mind. He started wondering if he is also controlling Raizel’s mind and he finds it hard to tell.

Meanwhile, Hammer is with his crew investing the incident that took place on the ruins. Tao said that the police said that some psycho went on a rampage. Shark reveals that the destruction was obviously caused by a fight between people with superpowers. Tao said that he has the report that Jake and Marie submitted to the Union. He said that when they came to this country they met M-21 and M-24. The experimental subjects who were sent here before them at that time M-24 created an infectee.

Noblesse Episode 4 Recap

Noblesse Episode 4 will be released on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers for the next episode if you don’t like them you can skip them. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. Take a look below.


Previously on Noblesse Episode 3

Crans thinks that the Union is putting the blame for the incidents on the infected. Tao said that Jake and Marie are looking for the coffin and the whereabouts of M-21 and M-24 are still unknown. Crans said that since M-21 and M-24 are not confirmed dead it means they are still alive. Crans gave his crew an order that if they find M-12 and M-24 they must apprehend them. Tao must keep on looking for more information meanwhile, M-12 is at the gate of the school waiting for all the students to enter inside.

Yu came rushing and he teases him that he is an old man every time he enters the school. Yu watches Manabu talking to Regis and started wondering if Manabu likes guys more than girls. Later Regis and Seria confront M-21 telling him that they hate it when he is associating with human society. They ask him what is he plotting by joining the human society. M-21 said that he is not plotting anything and he is working, he patrol school grounds. It is his job and Regis refuses to believe him.

M-21 said that it is his choice to believe or not. Regis threatens M-21 telling him that if he sees him doing anything he doesn’t like he will regret it.M-21 advises them that it is not good for minors to be wandering around outside after hours. Since they keep on going out every night looking for something. At the principal office, Frank told Raizel that the families where Regis and Seria came from haven’t changed. They can pose the risk of harm to humans and they will not use their powers blindly.

Later at night, M-21 met with Shark and Hammer he is surprised that they know his code name. He asks the who are they and Shark said he is DA-5 AND M-21 remembers that they are the special force of Union.M-21 said that he knows that they are Shark and Hammer. Shark said that since he knows their real identity it is better for him to come with them and save time. M-21 said what if he refuses and Shark said he doesn’t have a choice. M-12 unleashed his steel claws and charge towards Shark.

Shark dodges all the attack and kicks him at his stomach sending him flying. While Shark is stepping on M-21 chest he tries to attack back but his attack made no effect. They both started to exchange blows while Hammer is enjoying eating burgers and chicken. Shark keeps on dominating M-21 and uses his knife cutting weaker spot of M-21 and Hammer said he must go easy on him.

Regis and Seria show up and asks what Shark is doing, Shark replied that he is going to wipe them out. When Shark wanted to finish M-21 Crans show up and remind him what he has ordered them. M-21 decides to go with them since he has noticed that the powerful boss has shown up. Regis and Seria are just left shocked wondering what mission is M-21 associated with.

Noblesse Episode 4 Preview

That’s it how we conclude the upcoming episode of this Anime with those latest updates and preview above. Note that every Wednesday new updates of this Anime will always be available for you.

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