For tonight’s episode of The Blacklist, titled ‘Norman Devane’, Liz and the Task Force are knee deep in an investigation of an infamous assassin. This assassin has a long history of weaponizing diseases and now he turned to even more filthy activities. At the same time, Red and Dembe will travel to Cuba in search of a lead. Aram considers a new relationship.

Here are few essential details on The Blacklist, Season 7 Episode 5:

Show: The Blacklist
Airdate: 1 November 2019
Previous episode: Kuwait
Next episode: Dr. Lewis Powell
Network: NBC

This season was a tumultuous experience as Red (James Spader) came really close to being exposed as Ilya Rastova in the previously aired Episode 4 of NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’. Just as Harold (Harry Lennix) was about to turn him, Red convinced him saying that they should be in this together. Next thing we know, Harold learned that the man he served with in Kuwait and thought wasn’t alive anymore, was in fact, alive, and was a full scale terrorist now. He met him face to face and that finally convinced Harold that the man was as morally damaged as he had hoped him to.

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Harold wanted to come clean about
Red’s own identity, he had decided this a long ago. This would also mean scrapping the task force, and he was prepared to go to that extent. But Red changed his mind, it took Red no time to do that just on account that he would help them catch another criminal.

Watch out for Season 7 Episode 5 of ‘The Blacklist’, titled ‘Norman Devane’ that airs today on NBC.