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Kingdom Hearts 3: Ultimately Got More News On Remind DLC

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Square Enix recently in an event has shared some more information about Remind DLC, which was set to release this winter but didn’t release yet, as of December 2, 2019. As fans gathered for full-orchestra treatment for Kingdom Hearts: 3 fantastic scores, attendees were also surprised with some more information about Remind DLC. Director Tetsuya Nomura recently revealed a little bit of what players could expect from DLC.

Many attendees from the event had posted about several modes that have been going to introduced in Kingdom Hearts: 3 Remind DLC. One of the attendees Milena shared on her Twitter handle about the different modes.

According to reports, photo mode allows you to pose your protagonist in your chosen settings in any background effects. Slideshow mode will enable you to take the photos you’ve created and made a slideshow, add music of the same. While the first two were self-explanatory, the other two modes, Fast pass mode and black code, enable you to change the difficulty level of the game and emphasize gameplay. These modes will let you tweak the difficulty level.

The fans of the Kingdom Hearts series are waiting since the early launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 on 25 January 2019. As the team promised to floor down the game in winters this year, but haven’t released till now, that means Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC won’t be hitting the floors this year, although director Tetsuya Nomura promised to release trailer this month.

Tetsuya Nomura also added that he couldn’t announce the releasing date because fans will go mad over it. Since fans of Kingdom Hearts 3  series are waiting anxiously all over the year 2019, so we hope this December’s “Trailer” release would prove out to be a grand surprise for them and give them what they’ve been waiting for.