Ryan Reynold Responds To The Controversial Peloton Ad

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It was very unexpected how the Peloton exercise bike ad went viral. People have criticized the advertisement for holding gender stereotypes. The online reactions were malicious, and Ryan Reynold came forward with the best response to the controversial ad that also rescued the Peloton ad wife from the controversy.

What did the ad show?

In the ad, a husband gifts an exercise bike to his wife. In the end, the wife gifts him a video of her using the bike after a year. The ad was considered to be sexist. Ryan Reynolds hired the Peloton ad wife for his own commercial for Aviation Gin. The Aviation Gin commercial was a response to the Peloton exercise bike commercial. The ad simply features the Peloton ad wife sitting with her friends who say its safe there and that she looks great.

The Peloton ad Husband was recognized as Sean Hunter, whose life was affected by the ad. According to him, people often forget that actors only act; they don’t make the script. He raised questions such as why are people making up stories and sharing negative ideas. He also felt bad about his co-star and what she might have to face.

Monica Ruiz has been able to shift the controversies away as she acted in the Aviation Gin ad. Ryan Reynold should be thanked for giving her a chance as the audience won’t be focusing on the controversial ad of Monia Ruiz. Such ads are needed to be seen positively, as the negative perspective of the audience impact an actor’s life more than we can think. The disappointment could be seen in Sean Hunter as he explained about the troubles he had to face. He was also embarrassed about thinking what kind of opinion would people have on him whey they see him.

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