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PUBG 0.16.0New Features, and Additions

PUBG new update 0.16.0

The popular multiplayer battle game PUBG MOBILE made a new0.16.0, and the release of the game was announced by Tencent on Wednesday, 11 December.

However, while the android and iOS games will be ready to install in their respective stores, the gamers may still have to wait longer for the new PUBG 0.16.0 update. The worldwide teammate will have to be connected over the online server to shoot their enemies down, and the newversion will require additional storage of 0.6GB.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 patch adds new EvoGround and Classic modes

The game is packed with amazing features and modes of play. We have the cold Winter Festival covered with snow in the Erangel map. The snowy-wintry day sets the gaming experience at a very cool temperature, and its high-graphics screen gives it more of a real-world feel. In addition to this, the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 patch adds new EvoGround: ‘RAGE GEAR’ and Classic modes: SNOW PARADISE.

The newintroduces the DEATH RACE mode. TPP to FPP switch will be there for the Gamers to switch in Classic, Training, and Arcade mode. Here, they will be able to activate the switch according to their needs easily.

PUBG Contest

PUBG Contest

“Show us your most ridiculous vehicular feats in this week’s Challenge” tweets PUBG 

When gamers are on their way to the death race in the ‘RAGE GEAR’ mode, they will experience a very challenging field and will have to compete with each other in steel-plated vehicles. On armored wheels, they need to destroy their opponents to win the RAGE GEAR.

Moreover, the users will have powerful weapons installed in the vehicle like mounted Shotgun, mounted RPG, mounted Fire Weapons, and Gatling. In the Pick-Up mode, the teams will require to collect CRATES POINTS to win the game. Players will get constant healing in the Classic competitions, which help them to heal while moving in the Classic level.