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Sammy Guevara Was Also Surprised With His Position In AEW

Sammy Guevara Was Also Surprised With His Position In AEW

Recently in an Interview, Sammy Guevara had revealed that he was even more surprised than others when he was asked for a position in AEW; he also added that it was unexpected for him as he was not aware of the same. Since 26 years old, Guevara was relatively less known by mainstream audiences, and it was a bit surprise for everyone that Guevara secured his position on top of the AEW ladder within his first eight weeks of the debut.

Recently Sammy Guevara said that after his first match wins from Kip Sabian at the double or nothing, it has been a crazy time for him as he can’t believe what happened with him so rapidly. He said that he was not at all aware of AEW, he got to know about that from some internet rumors, but when he saw the names to get behind it in its first initial Press Conference, he also decided to be a part of it. He also added that he didn’t know how he is going to do the same, but he was sure that it is going to be huge and beneficial for him.

Guevara was surprised to know that Wrestling Superstar Chris Jerico saw him on NWA 70th Anniversary Show. He said that the officials told him that he was signed just because Chris Jerico saw his match at NWA. Sammy Guevara was in a four-way elimination match in NWA. He took over on Colt Cobana, Star Scorpio, and Sam Shaw. Guevara revealed that after joining AEW due to its hectic schedule, it been difficult to hit hard.