Love After World Domination Chapter 5 Spoilers, and Details

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Love After World Domination Chapter 5 update and Details

In this article, we are going to talk about Love After World Domination Chapter release schedule, and later talk about where you can read the latest chapter of the manga and lastly we will talk about the possible spoilers for the upcoming chapters. Chapter 4 of the manga was just released yesterday where the story continues as there is an upcoming infiltration mission

Love After World Domination Summary

Love After World Domination Manga follows the story of the leader of the hero squadron “Gerato 5” which aims for world peace, Aikawa Fudou and fight leader of the secret society “Gecko” aiming to conquer the world, Magahara Desumi as there was a deep and fated connection between the two organizations

Love After World Domination Chapter 5 Spoilers

Fudou was leaving for the infiltration mission as he wanted to see Desumi again, and that was the fastest way he could make it happen. Meanwhile, at the secret Gecko hideout, Desumi, the queen of death makes her move as she was worried she hasn’t seen Fudou in two weeks. Fudo then managed to successfully Gecko hideout and later met with Desumi.

Love After World Domination Chapter 5 update

Theschedule for the manga had just picked u recently. The Manga made its debut in October and only released one chapter for the months followed by two other released for November. Chapter 4 was just released yesterday so this means that Chapter 5 will be released in two weeks’ time, probably on the week of the 1st January 2020 as the schedule releases new chapters on a bi-weekly basis.

Where To Read Love After World Domination Manga

You can read the Manga’s latest episodes as soon as they are released from websites like Mangabat as they are always up to date with the release schedule. Note that reading fro officially recognized websites helps promote the Manga creators and its publishers and keeps the series ongoing.

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