Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood: Moniece Bids Farewell And Fizz Supports Her

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The relationship between Lil’ Fizz and Moniece Slaughter had become complicated, and with the coming of Fizz’s new girlfriend, it became worse. He was seen asking Moniece to look after her mental health and give up the custody of their son. There was a reunion, and in the final part of it, Moniece bids farewell to the show and moves ahead to work on her mental health and also works on her music career.

How did Fizz Support?

When she was finally leaving, Hostess Nina Parker asked Fizz if he had anything to say for Moniece, and this is the point where we become aware of his kind side. Fizz wishes her, desperately trying to control his emotions and his tears, and promised that he would take care of their son while she worked on getting mental health. He further assured that Moniece will be welcomed whenever she was ready and that she will always be the mother of their baby. Apryl gives her good wishes too.

Fans were happy with Fizz

Fans were overwhelmed with Fizz extending his support to Moniece. They could clearly see how Fizz tried to control his tears and was obvious to feel that way. Fans also agree that Moniece, leaving the show, would be the best decision, and fans pray about her recovery and improvement in her mental health. Fans will definitely miss her, but Moniece really needs to focus on herself right now and fans her supporting her as much as they can.

This can be regarded as a good ending for all; it was best for Moniece and Fizz’s feelings also got out, there is an assurance that their future will be better and that the miscommunication in their relationship will cease. At the moment, it might hurt to let go of Moniece, but in the long run, it is for the best.

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