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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Anthony Mackie’s Cool Suit Leaked

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier : Anthony Mackie's Cool Suit Gets Leaked

Avengers: Endgame maybe have marked an end when it comes to featuring the superheroes together, but when we talk about the superheroes individually, Marvel has big plans for them. One of such characters can be seen in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. The actors starring are Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

What did the leaked photos show?

There have been leaked photos, which have been revealed from an action scene. The photos featured Mackie’s suit; most importantly, that drove the fans crazy. Apart from the suit, we also got to know about Bucky’s new arm and the villain Zemo in a hoodie.

Fans are really excited about the show and cannot wait to witness Sam and Bucky continuing the legacy. Some fans couldn’t just believe what they have seen, and they kept on questioning that was that really Mackie’s suit. Some fans also showed their disappointments as to why the suit has gold chains, which seem very weird.

New characters

Some characters which were not seen so much will be introduced, such as Sharon Carter, played by Emily VanCamp. Fans are pretty much excited to watch her on the screens. The show is getting expected to be streamed on Disney+ by next fall. Fans have really received too much information in a very short period of time. Most fans weren’t even expecting so much to get revealed. However, the leaked photos have raised their hopes a lot, and the Avenger mode is ready in the fans. Fans also expect that the new suit is just a beginning, and it will feature a lot of interesting things with itself. The show will have to work hard to make the fans happy and fulfill their expectations.