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Dead Cells LegacyHas Arrived In The Game

dead cells legacy
Dead Cells (Credits: Motion Twin)

Motion Twin has released a new Dead Cells update for the game that reintroduces all of the game’s old versions. Thisof the game is available now on PC which brings back the glory old days of Dead Cells. This was revealed to us through a blog post by the devs in which they explained just for how long they wanted to do this.

The LegacyDetails

In the post, they also said, “We always wondered whether it would be possible to dig up the old versions of the game and store them somewhere so that interested players and future generations of developers could look back at how our little game developed and grew into the Action Game of the Year 2018.” Now with thisplayers can now load up every major iteration of the game from the first build of Early Access right up to present. If you want to access these, down below you can see how to do so:-

Dead Cells New update

Dead Cells (Credits: Motion Twin)

How do I access these mythical branches?

– Go to your Steam game library.
– Right-click on Dead Cells and click “properties”.
– Select the tab “Betas”.
– In the first dropdown box select the version you’d like to play.
– Click close and wait for the upload to finish downloading.
– Start playing.

But in the patch, there are more important things that the devs have been talked about. Before doing all this I highly suggest you check the full length of blog post which you can see right here. Furthermore, along with this, there are also two new weapons added to the game which are the Ice Shield and Ice Armor. The main point of this armor is crowd control and panic reduction.

Some of the weapons to be specific at least 3 in the game have been reworked. Also, there are two new mutations, which as the devs say are”for the initiated is kind of a big deal as they have some very interesting impacts on gameplay for Survival players, allowing more synthesis with ice effects.” But the most important amongst these is the Santa skin which is in the game.