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Queer Eye Season 3 Netflix update And Updates

The five boys of Queer Eye geared up last summer to do Season 3. They say that Season 3 of Queer Eye is going to be all about, Inclusivity and diversity as a Modus Operandi. Antoni Porowski has repeatedly told us about the positive nature of Queer Eye, Season 3 and how people are going to spot major differences in Kansas City. Queer Eye is one those shows that throws dudes directly at your face but at the same time tells you that above everything (preferences) we are all the same. This is the mantra that the makers have promised us.

Antonio Porowski has promised us that we will be able to understand with clarity that queer, bisexual, gay, lesbian, straight, transsexual, we are all the same, our day to day struggles are the same. There’s a similarity in the ways we show up for our families or be better lovers, or friends, or even parents to our children. In the end, these are all human experiences. And it will never matter which coast or which country we belong to or are living in, but the daily struggles of life are something we all can relate to.

For those of you who don’t know that Queer Eye is 2000s reality show from the US. It debuted first on February 2018 on Netflix and reduced a huge number of watchers to mush and goo. Antonio has hyped his actors for Season 5 as “heroes” and the fact that he’s incredibly lucky that he’s found them. Season 3 is shot at the location of Kansas City, Missouri. Antonio has also promised us happy tears.

While the first two Seasons of Queer Eye are easily available on Netflix to watch, the cast will move from Atlanta, Georgia to Missouri. The fab five will be seen in Kansas City this time, but we really aren’t sure about the date. Queer Eye remains one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix as of now. No update has been announced as yet, and we cannot wait to update you guys as soon as we have it.

Shooting for Season 5 began in July of 2018, and Bobby Berk posted a short Instagram video behind the scenes shooting. The year 2019 is likely when Queer Eye will be releasing. More as we have it.

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