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How Are You Bread Episode 4: Leaks, Streaming, and update

How Are You Bread cover

How Are You Bread, the South Korean-Chinese web drama that started airing in the second week of January has been going strong. The straightforward romantic story is an easy watch and provides a warm feeling to the viewer.

The romantic drama had started filming back in 2016 and saw the light of release three years later. It stars Suho of K-pop boy band EXO and Lee Se Young in the leading roles.

When is How Are You Bread Episode 4 update?

Each episode of the K-drama releases on Saturday. So the fourth episode will drop this weekend on February 8.

Where To Watch How Are You Bread Episode 4 Online?

How Are You Bread is streaming in Korea on the streaming service Seezn. As for the international audience, Rakuten Viki is streaming it exclusively. You will require a Viki Pass Standard to access the show, though.

What Is The Show About?

The story of How Are You Bread revolves around the genius patissier Han Do Woo (played by Suho), who is an excellent chef when it comes to pastries. His pastries are so good that there are rumors about having your wishes come true if you have one of Do Woo’s pastries from his bakery.

Noh Mi Rae (played by Lee Se Young), who is a writer for a variety show based on the bakery business, wants Do Woo to join her program. Except Do Woo rejects the offer as he is simply not interested in her or the show.

Mi Rae tries everything she can to get Do Woo on her show, as her job is on the line. Mi Rae’s relentless persuasion to get Do Woo to agree to appear on the show slowly leads to her catching feelings for him; it only remains to be seen if these feelings will lead to love.