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Dexter Season 9Or Cancelled: Will We Get Another Season?

Season 8 of Dexter was anything but boring. Now the show is on a halt, post Season 8. The looming question is, would it be back with Season 9? For a while, we saw photos/ posters for Season 8 doing rounds on the internet. The leaks looked anything but fake. But as it turned out, those were a hoax. So is there a possibility of Season 9 of Dexter, is Michael C. Hall looking to be back with another Season? Today we’ll talk about that and more.

Dexter Season 9: update
It’s actually been five years since Dexter Season 8 finale aired on Showtime. Dexter Season 8 was done and dusted within September of 2013 but fans haven’t given up hope on the series at all. There are many who feel Dexter will be back with a final Season, i.e 9. Suspense drama Dexter’s lead star, Michael C. Hall, revealed recently that Dexter Season 9 isn’t on cards for now. Which means it may or may not happen at all. Michael wants to experiment with other roles and doesn’t want Dexter to be the end and the beginning of it all.

Dexter Season 9

While it may look like Michael isn’t hyped to do another Season but that’s not true. He actually revealed that Season 9 may very well be a possibility and that Dexter may continue into Season 9. Never say never is what Micheal C. Hall believes in. We do not have a confirmation or ayet but we’llthis page as soon as something constructive comes out.

Dexter Season 9: Cast
The possible cast of Season 9 may include:
Michael C. Hall. as Dexter Morgan.
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka
Lauren Vélez as Maria LaGuerta
David Zayas as Angel Batista
James Remar as Harry Morgan
Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn
Charlotte Rampling as Dr. Evelyn Vogel