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Venture Bros Season 8 Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Venture Bros Season 8
Venture Bros Season 8

Venture Bros is an American adult animated series which is premiered on Adult Swim. Adult Swim is the Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block which is switched over from around 11 PM or late night. The show has 22-24 minute running time and is created by Christopher McCullough and Doc Hammer.

The animated series chronicles the lives and adventures of ‘Venture family’ and it particularly emphasizes well-meaning but incompetent teenagers Hank and Dean along with their emotionally insecure super-scientist father Dr. Rusty along with others.

The series is regarded as the Adult Swim’s longest-running original series which has been widely popular for the bizarre animated escapist adventures of Dr. Rusty and family. The series belongs to the genre of Action-Adventure drama and black comedy. The show is distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution. The writers of the show include Jackson Publick and Don Hammer.

The series has earned an astounding 100% Critic Ratings and 100% Audience Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.5/10 score on IMDb. The fans of the show have expressed their earnest desire for a Season 8 release.

When is Venture Bros Season 8 update?

Venture Bros Season 8 is expected to release in March 2020 on Adult Swim. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is Venture Bros Season 8 Trailer?

The trailer of Venture Bros Season 8 is still awaited. Meanwhile, you can watch the Venture Bros Season 7 here-

What is Venture Bros Season 8 Plot?

The synopsis of the series as judges by IMDb, a rating agency is as follows-

“The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard and his two over-enthusiastic sons.”

The series starts off as a mere ‘Jonny Quest’ parody and is influenced by Comic book superheroes and supervillains. It chronicles the lives and adventures of the venture family and members. We follow the daily adventures of the key characters which primarily include Dr. Rusty.

Season 7 of the series poses a big question about Jonas and siblings, which will hopefully be answered in the upcoming season, Season 8.

In Season 8, we will see Rusty and Monarch will finally agree that they are in fact siblings. However, a rift forms between them as Hank discovers that Dean has ‘hooked’ up with ‘his’ Girlfriend, leading to a fall-out.

The series largely showcases twisted family relations of Dr. Rusty which leads to radical changes in several heroes and villain organizations in the world. Such changes result in enlarged humor and bizarre storylines making a perfect dramedy for all 18+ viewers.

In the nutshell, the show is about a family that always sticks together nevertheless of inevitable and inescapable failure. So be ready for a wholesome Action-Comedy coming your way this spring season!

Who is Venture Bros Season 8 Cast?

The characters of the show comprise the members of the venture family and their antagonists. The members of the venture firstly include Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture. Dr. Rusty was a college dropout post his father’s death. He has questionable academic credentials and equally distorted ethics under his belt. His role is brought to life-through-voice by James Urbaniak. James is a former boy adventurer who tries to carry forward his father’s once-bejeweled global corporation named Venture Industries which is presently a mere shadow of itself.

The title-based fraternal twins of the show are Hank Venture, who derives the voice of Christopher McCulloch and Dean Venture, who derives the voice of Michael Sinterniklaas. These twins are often seen in dangerous circumstances and have been killed and cloned many times earlier in the plot with no proof of their end in the show.

Hank is considered to be courageous and outgoing, whereas Dean is the timid guy who likes to be introvert. Interestingly, the mother of the twins dwells in the mystery behind the curtain of the show.

We also find Patrick Waburton voices the character of Brock Samson, the ever-lasting bodyguard of the Venture family. He uses his hands and combat knife instead of firearms as a human killing machine and is dutiful towards his duties as a bodyguard.

Dr. Jonas Venture is a deceased father in the show who is projected as a super-scientist and an inspirational figure to the family, though he can never be a perfect father. His character is brought to life through voice by Paul Boocock.

The antagonist characters of the series include the primary venture family nemesis Monarch who bears an unknown motive and is brought to life through voice by Christopher McCulloch. He is ably assisted by Doc Hammer who voices the character of Dr. Mrs. Monarch, the assistant cum wife of Monarch.