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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

Ever since Sailor Moon Crystal ended with Season 3, there has been the continuous talk of Season 4 of the same. Some reports suggested that Sailor Moon Crystal will have two films instead of a season 4. Today we’ll look into these rumors and everything else.

The reports suggest that yes, Sailor Moon Crystal will keep the manga’s “dream arc” like albeit in a fashion that many of us didn’t expect. It was in 2017 that it was announced Sailor Moon Crystal would continue the “Dream,” which is the fourth arc of the Sailor Moon manga. This arc features the Dead Moon Circus, alongside the power-ups for heroes and a lot many shots in the arm of Silver Millennium era mythology.

Here’s the twist, this “Dream Arc” will be adapted into full-fledged two Sailor Moon Crystal movies, we are talking of actual two theatrical films and not a TV show anymore. Makers of Sailor Moon Crystal seem to have gone on a hiatus since then as none of them has cared to clear whether will and how Sailor Moon Crystal movies will be releasing. All that is known is that director Chiaki Kon is returning from Season 3.

Some questions pop into our minds such as, till Season 3 the makers have carried forward the exact manga material, each episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was of 20 minutes. The Dream Arc, as you may know, has 11 acts, two of these acts are twice the size. Math would suggest that it means, about 13 episodes worth of content.

It would naturally mean that the makers will compress three episodes into an hour. The full running time will be around 4 ½ – 5 hours. Hence, these two movies will have to stick to the “Dream Arc” that has been carried forward from the manga. Every movie duration would have to be around 2.5 hours.