Samurai 8: Hachimaruden Manga Spoilers: When Will It Release?

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Samurai 8 Hachimaruden update

Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 is just around the corner now, and I’m sure you guys want to know more about it. The manga has been under works for quite some time now. Kishimoto revealed his plans for the manga back in 2016, but we heard very little about it until Jump Festa 2019.

Thankfully, we’re very close to the manga’s release now, and in this post, we’ll be discussing everything that we know about it so far. So let’s get started! At this year’s Jump Festa, we got some very interesting information about Masashi Kishimoto’s return. If you didn’t know it by now, he’s returning this year to Weekly Shounen Jump, and it’s sooner than you think.

At this year’s Boruto panel at Jump Festa 2019, Masashi Kishimoto’s manga trailer debuted. The name of the new manga is Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. This manga, as the name tells us, is going to be focused on Samurai. Kishimoto previously also mentioned that he’s going to create this manga with a tinge of sci-fi, and that certainly means machines and tech will be heavily involved.

Masashi Kishimoto will be in-charge for the story of the manga. However, the illustration will be handled by his former assistant Akira Okubo. As far as itsgoes, we’re told that it’s going to be out in the next few weeks. The officialfor the manga is Spring 2019. We think it’ll come out at some point in April, and while we don’t know much about Kishimoto’s new work yet, it certainly does look amazing.

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