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You Season 3 Plot and Cast Details

You Season 3
You Season 3

‘YOU’ is a Netflix Original web-series that revolves around the life of a Lovesick psychopath, which is loosely adapted from the book series, ‘YOU’ by American author Caroline Kepnes. The protagonist of the series, Joe Goldberg, portrays impulsion in love relations and suffers from wild instincts. He has all traits except the good. He lies, manipulates, and even murders those who challenge his raw nature. Our male lead is both disturbing and oddly captivating, paving the way for perfect character conflict.

The series has completed two successful seasons with Season 2 attracting more than 54 million viewers. Now, all of us are waiting for Season 3, which will further explore the twisted lives of Joe and his new partner, Love Quinn.

What to expect from ‘You’ Season 3 Plot?

Season 2 of You had many twists and turns which kept the binge-lovers glued on their mobile devices. The season demonstrated a drastic character transformation of both male and female leads, stepping up the melodrama.

Our female lead, Love, is forced to face Joe’s true nature as she confronts Candace, who is the victim of Joe’s brutal nature. This is where we see a jaw-dropping shocker, as Love reacts Candace in the throat, not with ‘love’ and reveals her dark side as well.

Both the leads have experienced extreme physical and emotional abuse in their childhood. They have been accustomed to perpetrating acts of violence at a very young age, which forced them to glorify and embrace animalistic instincts. We should always understand that childhood is a very sensitive stage of life where the role of guardians is of paramount importance.

However, everything doesn’t happen gruesome and gory in You. Love also discloses her pregnancy stage and secures her future with Joe, for the time being. Meanwhile, Joe doesn’t rectify his acts of aggression as he moves to the suburban areas- He cannot stop himself from spying his new neighbors through the fence for all wrong reasons.

As per reports from media, the lead actors have disclosed some valuable insights about the progression of the series. Joe and Love are not ‘soulmate’ lovers at all as Loe surpasses Joe in an inhuman trait such that Joe starts being fearful of Love at the end. In a nutshell, we can say that there is a lot of potential material for You Season 3.

When is ‘You Season 3’ update?

You Season 3 will be released on 09th April 2021, though there is no official word yet. As per now, the only real clue for the new season is a fantastic rating for show and fan reaction to it; seeing the success Netflix will never kill a successful series. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

Update April 2020

You Season 2 was another troublesome finale to a prominent TV arrangement. In it, Joe’s history finds him, regardless of him having gotten away from New York to LA to desert a past that incorporates a killed sweetheart. The subsequent arrangement saw Joe move to Los Angeles and become Will, before falling for a lady called Love.

Nonetheless, the arrangement closes with Love – played by Victoria Pedretti – uncovering she has a similarly clouded side and executes individuals as well. It’s uncovered that Love murdered Delilah and Candace, saying she did it for family as she was pregnant.

Joe’s story won’t really be finished with season 3, either. “I am not terrified at all of saying that we certainly could follow Joe for a few additional seasons,” Gamble told THR. Try not to stress over the journalists coming up short on approaches to test their heroes, either. “Since we trust on the planet that Caroline gave us and we have faith in these characters, we simply realize they’ll keep finding truly messed up poop to get into.”

Who will be in ‘You Season 3’ Cast?

The showrunner of the series is Sera Gamble. She had indicated that the ending of Season 2 doesn’t indicate good things for our protagonist. The male lead character of the series, as mentioned earlier, is Joe Goldberg, who is played by the experienced actor Penn Badgely. He finds an able gory female lead in the name of Love, played by Victoria Pedretti.

It is expected that Love will enjoy a continued presence of Joe in the series, and we will also see the return of the extended Cast of Quinn family and friends.