Cells At Work – Code Black Anime Announced For 2021!

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Cells At Work Code Black 2021
Cells At Work Code Black 2021

An adaptation of Cells at work spinoff has been announced for an anime adaptation for 2021 on the 20th issue of this year’s Morning magazine. The project will be coming as Cells at Work Code Black. I will be sharing with you guys the latest information that we have received regarding Cells At Work Code Black anime everything else about the anime adaptation you will need to know.

When Is Cells At Work Code Black update?

Cells At Work Code Black will be released in January 2021. The project has been recently announced and is scheduled for a release in Winter 2021 anime list.

Cells At Work Code Black
Cells At Work Code Black

This will be a separate project from the main Cells At Work series. Cells At Work will have its separate Cells At Work Season 2 released independently from Cells At Work Code Black as it is a spinoff from the main series’ Manga

Cells A Work Code Black VS Cells At Work Season 2

This will not be part of the main Cells at Work series, as Cells At Work Season 2 will be produced separately and will be continuing this story of the Red Blood Cell AE3803. So Cells At Work Code Black anime is set in a completely different Storyline. According to the Morning Magazine, Cells At Work Code Black focuses on the story of a newbie Red Blood Cell who is one of the 37 trillion and works to keep the body running. Something went wrong when the stress hormone kept yelling at him to work faster.

The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, and many more troubles downstairs. This created a hard work for a cell to operate when every day is a Code Black. The trillions of cells in the human body have to work hard to keep the body alive. But this becomes a difficult task if the body is not taking good care of itself. Code Black will star a fresh-faced red blood cell and his friend, the buxon White Blood Cell, as they struggle to keep themselves and their world together through many hardships. Check out the official announcement on the video below:

Cells at Work Season 2 is also scheduled for Winter 2020 and will probably start at the same time or after Code Black. But both animes are set to air on the same season. The events of these two adaptations are taking place in two different worlds or in two different bodies if I am to be precise. They will also be produced by two different studios and production teams. They also o have different cast so they are two unrelated storylines.

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