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Blindspot Season 4 Episode 23 or Season 5? All You Need To Know

Blindspot Season 5

In this post, we are going to talk about the future of Blindspot, whether there will be the 23rd episode in the fourth season, or it will directly shift to the fifth season. We know that the 22nd episode was released this Friday, and fans want to know more about what will happen next. First of all, the fourth season has concluded with the 22nd episode. Which means, there will not be any 23rd episode.

In the history of Blindspot, only the first season had 23 episodes, while the other three seasons have 22 episodes. With that out of the way, we now only have the fifth season to discuss. We do know that the fourth season ended with a big cliffhanger, which must be answered. Many viewers were afraid that the fifth season might not happen.

However, with the kind of ending that the show has given to its fourth season, the fifth season is inevitable. For those who did not watch the finale episode, we would be having a short recap of the climax scene. We saw that Keller, Patterson, and Zapata were in a cabin, while Jane went out to get some fresh air. Soon, a drone attack was carried out on the cabin, and everything burst in flame.

That is where we were left, and now we will have to wait another year to know more about it. Technically, it will not take a year, as the fifth season is supposed to premiere in September or October this year. It is also confirmed that there will be a two-month jump when the fifth season starts, and it will also consist of more details on the burning cabin. Thus, keep speculating about the incident until we get another season. It is not known who or how many would make it out alive, and it is kept under wraps! Jane is safe so that she will be surely coming back. The next season will have 13 episodes and will be the last season.