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Dr. Slump Is Finally Available to Stream – Where to Watch

Director Akira Toriyama is pretty popular in the industry of anime because of the amazing work that he has done on anime series such as Dragon Ball. Well, easily enough, we can say that Goku, as well as Vegeta, are the iconic characters that have been created by this director but this is not the only amazing work which Akira Toriyama has done for the anime sector. Yes, he has previously worked on another series known as Dr. Slump. This anime is set in the Penguin Village which is a pretty bizarre place to reside in. In this village, the humans have settled down along with all the other forms of anthropomorphic animals as well as other objects. Now, we see the focus zooming in on an inventor in this village known as Senbei Norimaki. Initially, we see that he has built a girl robot whose name is Arale Norimaki and this little lady seems to be very perfect.

But soon enough, she realizes that eyeglasses are a must for her because it is hard for her to see. On the other hand, there also develops some problems with her attitude as she grows because Arale is quite naïve and has issues in bringing her huge bear home because she thought it was her pet. But well, no one can deny the fact that this little robot girl, who looks pretty harmless, has super strengths cast inside of her by the inventor. All in all, this anime is a pretty amazing watch if you are into science as well as the fiction genre but when it is mixed with loads of drama and romance and action. As for the antagonist of the show, we have Dr. Mashirito who appears to be a rival to Senbei. He is a recurring villain and wants to destroy everything.

Dr. Slump Is Finally Available to Stream - Where to Watch

Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump Anime – Where to Watch?

As of right now, news has come out that this anime is available to watch in the United States as well for the first time. This deal was made in the entertainment industry through Tubi TV and the company plays a very important role in bringing this anime forth in the country. As for how you guys can watch it in The United States, then there are various options that we have covered. First of all, you need to hop over to Tubi TV in order to watch all the episodes using the free service. This is the first time that the civilians and anime lovers will be able to watch the anime in the States through legal means given that the story was actually released way back in 1981. There are surely some setbacks too that come along with watching this anime on Tubi TV. The fact that some episodes such as the debut of Dr. Mashirito will not be available for us.

Now, you guys should know that Dr. Slump first came out back in 1980 when it was published under the banner of Shuesiah. The iconic director decided that he wants the series to continue for about four years. The story is pretty much full of adventures that Arale Norimaki has along with Dr. Senbei. The inventor treats the little robot-like his own daughter given that he has no children of his own. There is also a lot of humor employed in the series when it comes to dialogues. There are jokes in the forms of puns and in between of the story, we even have a variety of characters appearing such as Suppaman who is an alternate form of Superman with an inflated ego.

Suppaman is just a cheap wannabe of Superman who can not fly but pretends to so while lying flat on his stomach on a skateboard. There are a lot of parodies that we can witness in this anime that connects Japanese Culture and Entertainment with the one that exists in America. Another example includes having a stormtrooper helmet for the policemen in the Penguin Village which is inspired by Star Wars. There are other comedic scenes as well that make us gulp in laughter. This anime is surely a great watch if you are looking forward to watching some new light shows that do not intrigue your mind a lot.

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