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Fatal Promise Episode 63 Streaming Details

Fatal Promise

Amongst the long ongoing dramas, we have Fatal Promise that had been going on for some time. Although new episodes are released on a weekday basis, this drama is still left with its share of episodes as it is running for its first season that will give its viewers a total of 100 episodes. So we still have a few months left for  the broadcasting

In today’s we will be looking at Fatal Promise episode 63 streaming details, and the latest developments from the latest episodes of the show. This story is about  Cha, Eun Dong who has always been an upright citizen who has stood up against injustices. Coming from humble beginnings, she has also practiced patience.

Unfortunately one day her family is cast into turbulence after she is betrayed by the one person she confides in. After being brutally deceived, Eun Dong is reborn by the burning fire of vengeance as she swears retribution. In contrast, Kang Tae In has always been a rational man of morals who has always kept his word.

Starting as a lowly employee to now the chairman of F Sports Group, he has only depended on himself for a better life. The one promise he has broken was the one he made to Eun Dong, after having to choose between her and his chance for greatness. For the latest updates on the upcoming episodes, you can take a look at our news below.

Fatal Promise Episode 63 Streaming Details

Viewers will be able to get Fatal Promise episode 63 when it is released on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 at 17:50 Korean Standard Time. Local fans will be able to catch new episodes first on KBS2 as they will be released every Monday up until Friday. For streaming purposes of for those who watch this show from different regions, then you can use the official streaming details for Fatal Promise below.

You will be able to watch Fatal Promise episode 63 online on the Dramacool streaming websites. Viewers will be able to get all episodes with English subtitles up to the latest broadcasted episode. So if you want to get the next episode as soon as it is released then you will have to wait after its local broadcast when it is uploaded for all viewers. For the latest updates, you will have to check every weekday as a new day comes with a new episode and update to the episodes guide.