Beastars Anime Series New Arc Confirmed

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Beastars anime series’ new arc is Confirmed to be in production at Studio Orange. The confirmation of the Beastars anime series getting a new arc was announced both by the Japanese Netflix anime Twitter account and the Studio Orange Twitter account. Beasters anime is based on Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It was specialized in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion from September 2016 to October 2020, with its chapters collected in 22 tankabon volumes.  The final volume of the manga was published in October 2020. The manga is released In English by Viz media.

The first television anime debuted on Netflix in Japan and on Fuzi TV’s programming block and TV Nishinippon in October 2020. The second season of the anime premiered on January 5 and again aired in Japan on Fuji TV’s programming block. Netflix debuted the second season outside Japan on July 15.

Beastars anime series new arc confirmed

Studio Orange and the official Japanese Netflix anime’s Twitter account has confirmed that the Beastars anime will be continuing and is getting the new arc. The format of the new arc is not confirmed yet. Original manga creator Paru Itagaki provided different illustrations for twitter announcements. Orange confirmed that the studio will once again carry out the production of the new arc.

The story revolves around the world of anthropomorphic animal society. There is a cultural division between the herbivorous and the carnivorous animal. The main protagonist is Legoshi, who is a large grey wolf and is a student of Cherryton Academy. He lives in peace with several of his carnivorous friends. A herbivore student is brutally killed and eaten. Among the members of the drama club, the suspect of the herbivores turns to their carnivore classmates.

Additional information on beaster anime series new arc

The series is directed by Shinichi Matsumi and produced by Sunsuke Hosoi, Hyuntae Kim , Kiyotaka Waki, Yoshinori Takeeda. The music of the series is composed of Saturo Kosaki. Thus far the series has released 2 seasons with 24 episodes. Beastars has won multiple awards in 2018 including the 11th Manga Taisho, being the first Akita Shoten title to receive it. It also received the New Creator Prize at the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize along with the 42nd Kodansha Manga Award in the Shonen category. It also got the new face award at the Japanese Media Arts Festival. This is all we have to offer now about this anime.

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